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What is a Silverspot Cinema?

If you are looking for a Cinematic Experience like no other, Silverspot Cinema is the place to go. The modern movie house boasts state-of-the-art laser projection and sound systems, and a wide variety of cinematic offerings from Hollywood blockbusters to handpicked independent and foreign films. You can even watch genre-centric film series. Whether you are […]


A Discussion On Seek Discomfort…

If you’re an ambitious person who’s looking for ways To Expand your horizons, you may want to join the Seek Discomfort Club. This organization empowers its members to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones, making them more valuable to the community. Its members are encouraged to take on challenges in their personal, professional, and social […]


The Best Fruit Jelly Straws…

The perfect Summer Treat is a juicy, chewy slice of jelly fruit. These tasty treats are easily available in a variety of convenient forms, including straws. For easy on-the-go enjoyment, fruit jelly straws are a great addition to a lunchbox. And when it comes to healthy jelly fruit, you can find many varieties on the […]

What Year Is It
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What Year Is It?

If you have ever asked yourself, “What year is it?” you have probably been confused by the various calendars used in different parts of the world. The Gregorian calendar, for instance, is the most widely used in the Western world. Named after Pope Gregory XIII, the Gregorian calendar was revised from the Julian calendar to […]