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The upcoming Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea Collection will feature a new lifestyle magazine that features housing designs and items inspired by the game. The magazine is thick at 256 pages and costs 2,200 yen, about $20 USD. While the title may not be an obvious buy for casual fans, it’s a perfect way to immerse yourself in the game’s world. To read more, continue reading to learn about the magazine and its upcoming release.

Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re in Japan and want to know what you can expect to find inside the Eorzea Collection for Final Fantasy XIV, you’re in luck. Square Enix is planning to release this lifestyle magazine in August 2021, and it’ll feature a variety of items and housing designs based on the Final Fantasy XIV series. The magazine is 256 pages thick and costs about $20.00 USD.

The Eorzea Collection for Final Fantasy XIV is a compilation of various outfits, equipment, and houses from the Shadowbringers expansion. There’s even a collection of exclusive job class gear sets! The magazine will span 256 pages and cost about two hundred and fifty yen, or about $20 USD. It’s an awesome addition to any fan’s library and will add a new dimension to gaming.

Square Enix

Square Enix also released a video showcasing the different monsters from Final Fantasy XIV. Aside from the new monsters, some old favorites will be making a return in Eorzea. These include the Bomb, Malboro, Imps, Skeletons, and more! These new monsters are sure to make your Final Fantasy XIV collection as interesting and exciting as ever.

The Eorzea Collection for Final Fantasy XIV will feature outfits and interior decoration created by selected players. The book contains 256 pages and will include images of outfits and interior decoration, as well as information about the new Endwalker. It will be available on November 23, 2021, and it can be pre-ordered for early access. If you want to be the first to play it, you should buy it.


If you’re looking for A Unique item to use with your Final Fantasy XIV character, consider picking up Uraeus. This monster, which is level 99, is a stylized upright cobra that’s also known as an asp or a serpent. In ancient Egypt, Uraeus was a symbol of authority, sovereignty, and even divinity. While the creature’s power does not increase with the strength of its targets, it’s still an awesome item to have in your collection.

Uraeus in Final Fantasy XIV

The legendary scalekin Uraeus can find in Coerthas and considered the easiest notorious monster to kill in the open world. He spawns during the night and despawns the following morning. Uraeus is located south of Camp Glory and mainly uses three attacks: Sand Breath, Heavy Stomp, and Stone Gaze. Uraeus’ damage over time does not scale with mob strength.

A beautiful coat made of genuine leather is a staple item for a stylish character. Its collar and cuffs turned-over for added warmth and features a front strapped closure. Two inside pockets are located on the waist. The jacket also features an interior pocket and two front pockets. If you have interest in finding an authentic coat for Uraeus, visit Square Enix to purchase one.

Coating Of Uraeus

Uraeus’ coat is one of the most stylish pieces of armor in the game. The coat is also the easiest to get for a Principled Pirate theme in Fashion Report. The coat’s semi-exposed chest area makes it extremely versatile and useful for Glamour themes, so it’s an excellent choice for cosplay. So, what are your options for getting an Uraeus coat?

If you’re a fan of RPG games, you’ve probably heard of Final Fantasy XIV. The game is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing videogame by Square Enix, which was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in August 2013. It has received positive reviews for its storyline, graphics, and features. If you’re interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV on a PC, you can find the game on Steam or the Square Enix legitimate website.

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