Little Debbie Ice Cream

Little Debbie Ice Cream Snacks

It’s not just a new flavor of ice cream; it’s the snack cake version, too! A Michigan company, Hudsonville Ice Cream, is now bringing the Little Debbie snack cakes to ice cream freezers. The pints of flavor will cost $2.50, and the flavors include cinnamon swirl and glazed honey bun pieces. These delicious ice creams will be available year-round. Read on to find out what’s new!

Hudsonville Ice Cream

The Hudsonville Ice Cream Company has been serving up delicious ice cream for 95 years! Their family-owned business has invested in the most advanced ice cream manufacturing facility in the country, and it shows. They use fresh ingredients and milk from local dairy farms to create some of the creamiest ice creams around. Hudsonville Ice Cream also specializes in seasonal flavors and unique blends of ingredients. As This ice cream company is a family favorite so has loyal fans from generations of families.

While Hudsonville Ice Cream is distributed throughout the state of Michigan, they are also sold in certain stores on the East Coast. You can find Hudsonville Ice Cream at select stores in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Midwest. If you want to try their ice cream at a local store, then you can look up the nearest retailer in your area on their website. Their famous Blue Moon flavor is a company secret and has a rich, creamy texture. The company’s special flavor analyst developed this special flavor in the 1950s.


As Tigers fans are big fans of Hudsonville Ice Cream and will love their limited-edition ice cream flavors so by looking at them Hudsonville has partnered with the Michigan Economic Corporation to create flavors inspired by various locations in the state. Some of these unique flavors include Mackinac Island Fudge, Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and more. The official ice cream of the Tigers can be found in local grocery stores, as well as Comerica Park’s food court.

This Michigan company has expanded to over 50 flavors. While using a core recipe for all of its flavors, Hudsonville Ice Cream also allows customers to come up with their own flavor ideas for seasonal ice creams. One popular flavor, “Comeback Cooler,” came from a Flavor of Detroit contest. In addition, Hudsonville Ice Cream also gets ideas for its unique flavors from local fans. These new flavors will be available in Hudsonville Ice Cream stores for a limited time only.

Collaboration With Little Debbie

For more flavors, the company has teamed up with Little Debbie to create an ice cream inspired by the snack cake brand so Little Debbie snack cakes will be used as the base for two new flavors. Little Debbie snack cake flavors include Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Chip. The flavors are limited season offerings that won’t return once they’re gone. They’ll also be sold at a price of $2.50 per pint, which is less than half of the price of most similar ice cream.

Hudsonville Ice Cream is looking for a variety of workers to help with its growing business so the company is hiring for over 25 positions across the production line, including labor, supervisors, and material handlers. The salary range for many of the jobs starts at $20 an hour. Many positions have benefits and bonuses for their employees, and Hudsonville Ice Cream also prefers to purchase milk from local dairy farmers. The company is located at 345 E. 48th Street, Holland.

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Hudsonville Ice Cream was started by a group of local farmers in 1895. Their products were used to promote dairy farms. They currently operate in Holland, Michigan, where they have a state-of-the-art facility where they can continue to create delicious ice cream. Hudsonville Ice Cream uses fresh ingredients, sourced from farms as close as 40 miles. Using this method, Hudsonville Ice Cream is committed to providing premium ice cream to customers nationwide.

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