Noodles and Company in Seattle

Noodles & Company is an American Fast-Casual Restaurant chain. Its menu includes American and international noodle dishes as well as salads and soups. Aaron Kennedy founded it in 1995. It is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company went public in 2013 and generated $457 million in revenue in 2017.

Menu options

If you’re a dieter, the menu at Noodles and Company offers gluten-free, vegan, and lower-calorie options. In addition to the traditional noodles and meat dishes, the restaurant offers cauliflower and zucchini-based noodles and zoodles. These dishes have similar macronutrients, and many are more nutritious than regular pasta. There are also many ways to customize your meals. The menu also contains nutritional information and allergen calculators.

While most restaurants don’t offer gluten-free, low-carb, low-sodium, or low-FODMAP meals, Noodles & Company caters to dietary restrictions by offering several gluten-free and dairy-free options. Gluten-sensitive guests can order a variety of dishes and make them with customized components. They can also use Heads Up notes to fill in their special order requirements. To learn more, check out the Noodles & Company website.


The restaurant offers some vegan dishes, but the menu doesn’t change often. You can ask to be vegan before ordering. Tofu is a protein source. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll find several options for noodles, soups, and sides. For more options, you can visit the website of the restaurant’s vegetarian or vegan section. If you’re unsure about a specific item, look for a vegan icon.

Noodles & Company is somewhere between a fast-food restaurant and a casual restaurant. The quality of the dishes is comparable to those found at more expensive casual eateries, but the prices are closer to fast-food restaurants. For under $10, you can get a delicious meal. If you don’t want to go out, you can order online and pick up your food at the next location. The food is fresh and healthy and is available at locations across the U.S.

While Noodles and Company serve mostly pasta, you can also order noodle-filled salads and soups. The menu at Noodles and Company is updated frequently to incorporate fresh vegetables. In addition, the restaurant is committed to animal welfare and environmental responsibility. As a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, it is a great place to take a family with dietary restrictions. This menu is also available to those who are allergic to eggs or dairy products.

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There are many places to enjoy noodles and pasta in Seattle. Noodles and company, for example, is one such place. The Counter-Serve Chain features all kinds of international noodle and pasta dishes, including mac and cheese, Pad Thai, and mac & cheese. In Seattle, you can visit the counter-serve location at the Waterfront District, which offers an excellent selection of noodles and pasta dishes from around the world.

The company recently closed locations in Farmingdale, Hicksville, Westwood, and Patchogue. The chain also had plans for 46 more locations in the area. It will have a limited dining room by July 2021. But in the meantime, customers can order to go to a location in the area. Those who want to dine in can do so by calling in their order ahead of time. The company is expected to reopen in other areas of the country, including Chicago and New York.

Franchisees training

While many Noodles & Company locations are independently owned and operated, an increasing number of restaurants are franchised. Noodles and Company trains franchisees to run the restaurants, and franchisees follow the same menu, pricing, and branding as corporate-owned locations. Franchisees earn the same income as Noodles and Company, but are less likely to increase prices. Locations of noodles and company have a mission of improving operational efficiencies. In 2016, the company reduced the size of its menu and invested in efficient products. It installed self-bussing stations and added produce choppers. In 2017, the company decided to cut back on the number of employees that are needed in each location.

To find the location of a Noodles & Company in your city, you can visit the official website and enter your zip code or state name. In a matter of seconds, you’ll find the nearest Noodles & Company location. You can even order Noodles & Company online and have it delivered to your doorstep. If you want to eat noodles in a different city or state, the convenient delivery service from Noodles & Company is a great way to do it.

Business model

Noodles & Company has an on-and-off relationship with franchising. The 25-year-old fast-casual concept has periodically sought franchisees, retooled the concept, and refined its business model. Its recent turnaround is consistent with modest unit growth combined with targeted closures and franchising. Ramsay believes the company is positioned for aggressive growth. Here is his take on the franchise business model.

Before the recent pandemic, Noodles & Company had a 60 percent off-premise mix. This was possible because they had a smaller footprint and more drive-through pickup windows. In addition, they invested in the company’s off-premise business. Noodles & Company is currently on a three-year strategic growth plan. While the company hasn’t disclosed the exact number of principals or contacts, it does have a robust digital presence.

Noodle Dishes

The menu at Noodles & Company has a mission of noodle dishes. The menu offers a wide variety of global flavors, low-carb options, and even mac & cheese. But the menu is the bread and butter of the brand. John Ramsay, vice president of franchise sales at Noodles, says it’s “a great concept for a fast-casual restaurant.”

The company’s success is based on a strong business model. It offers customers an easy way to order noodles from around the world, without leaving the restaurant. Noodles & Company’s restaurants are smaller and cater to guests who like to dine in and take their food to go. In addition, they offer convenient options like curbside takeout, Quick Pickup, and delivery. Moreover, Noodles & Company is streamlining operational procedures to maximize efficiency. It plans to introduce steamers to all restaurants by the end of 2021.

The noodle chain has grown from one global noodle shop to a network of 58 restaurants. With plans to open 240 new restaurants over the next four years, the company faces the dilemma of choosing between two growth strategies: franchising or expanding through franchising. To succeed, Kennedy must adopt the right growth strategy and make a choice between franchising and expansion. The entrepreneur must keep in mind the long-term viability of the brand to avoid bankruptcy and continue to expand.

Past scandals

The company’s reputation has tarnished by past scandals, and this latest one isn’t likely to change that. Visa and MasterCard recently sued Noodles and Company over its privacy practices, and they aren’t the only ones. Other restaurants have hit by similar problems, including a breach of information at the Golden Corral. Noodles & Company’s recent data breach has prompted them to make some changes.

The recent scandal involving the Master Kong instant noodles has forced the company to withdraw some of its products. A tour guide in Taiwan suggested that mainland tourists boycott the company’s products, but the company denied the claims and announced it would take legal action against the rumormonger. Earlier this year, the company was implicated in another food safety scandal, when its cooking oil was tainted with animal feed. The company subsequently removed its noodles from supermarkets.

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