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To understand how customers are interacting with its e-commerce platforms, Rack Room Shoes relies on Dynatrace’s Session Replay. This article describes how Dynatrace helps the retailer optimize user sessions and how cross-team collaboration results in significant efficiency gains. Read on to discover how Dynatrace has helped Rack Room Shoes to achieve its business goals. And don’t forget to check out the full case study and free ebooks on Dynatrace.

E-Commerce Platforms

Dynatrace is a digital experience Monitoring Company that tracks every interaction between a website and its customers. Dynatrace’s software helps companies understand the impact of each action on a website and allows them to personalize customer experiences accordingly. By understanding how customers interact with their e-commerce platforms, Rack Room Shoes can increase customer conversions by 25 percent. Its software helps online retailers analyze their traffic patterns and optimize their websites to increase revenue and profitability.

Dynatrace’s technology lets users customize products and layouts for a better customer experience. It also allows them to earn loyalty points through one e-commerce site and exchange products at any of its retail locations. Using Dynatrace, Rack Room Shoes can see how its visitors behave and improve conversion rates. They can also monitor the performance of individual pages and increase site accessibility.

Dynatrace brings together thousands of technical experts and industry leaders to share best practices. Some of the largest brands in the world attend Dynatrace’s annual conference, Dynatrace Perform. The company has been helping Rack Room Shoes understand how customers interact with its e-commerce platforms for 90 years. The company offers an array of shoes to fit every occasion and style. For more information, please visit their website.

User Sessions optimization

Rack Room Shoes has seen incredible growth in its e-commerce business since it began implementing Dynatrace technology. The software company first introduced its AppMon user experience analytics tool to its customers in 2017. However, once the team realized the power of Dynatrace’s AI engine and full-stack observability, the company quickly upgraded to the SaaS offering. The Dynatrace Session Replay tool is the latest addition to their observability solution.

Dynatrace’s Session Replay provides developers with a video-like replay of recorded user sessions. This provides insight into user behavior and aligns the business and development teams. Session Replay also supports fast deployment lifecycles and protected resources. It requires no additional configuration from the developers. The software’s powerful analytics capabilities enable the development team to identify the causes of crashes in real-time and take steps to remedy them before users experience a loss of revenue.

Session volume depends on the application size, user interaction, and duration of the session. The size of a session can range anywhere from a few hundred KB to over one megabyte. Dynatrace Session Replay monitors changes made to the DOM tree during a session. When the changes are made, the application recreates the content and renders it in a compressed form for easy playback.

Facilities For Users

Dynatrace’s Session Replay gives Rack Room Shoes a visual understanding of the user’s journey through the website. It also identifies problem areas and provides a solution to solve them permanently. In addition, it also helps the team to collaborate with other teams to solve customer support problems and enhance the overall customer experience. With Dynatrace Session Replay, the team is able to save up to 80 percent of the time by reducing the mean time to recovery and increasing conversions.

The recording strategy should capture all user sessions and representative samples of user interaction. By defining broad goals for the implementation, you’ll set yourself up for success. The replays can help you lower bounce rates, boost overall conversion rates, or improve the overall site experience. The goals of replays will vary from one company to another. To optimize your website, determine what your goals are. And then determine how replays can help you reach them.

Significant Efficiency

In the last few years, the pace of change has accelerated, with entire supply chains becoming increasingly digital. Rack Room Shoes had a legacy of leveraging a large network of brick-and-mortar retail stores but faced stiff competition from other footwear retailers who had already embraced e-commerce. To survive in this competitive environment, it was essential for the company to become digital-first.

A cross-team collaboration led by Loss Prevention Uncovered Opportunities to maximize profitability. By advocating for processes to minimize out-of-policy discounts, the team established itself as data experts. Other departments turned to them for data-driven insights, and together they developed new metrics to measure the performance of individual cashiers. The cross-team collaboration helped Rack Room Shoes identify additional areas and data points, which will ultimately boost its efficiency.

Some Super Bonuses To Users

While the brand has grown in size, it remains a pillar of the community in the Upstate. The retail chain opened its new store in Hartwell Village on Thursday and is celebrating the grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a $4,000 donation to Blue Ridge Elementary School. In conjunction with the launch of the new store, the company is sponsoring two initiatives for back-to-school: the Shoes That Fit Campaign and the Real Teacher of the Year Contest. The company also offers discounts for students and employees and is actively supporting charitable causes.

The company’s charitable outreach extends beyond the company’s retail operations. Through its partnership with Shoes That Fit, Rack Room Shoes has provided more than 150,000 pairs of shoes to children in need. The company also sponsors local fundraising events and honors military personnel on select holidays. Additionally, employees receive the largest employee discounts in the industry. Employees can apply this discount to their immediate family members. The benefits are extensive, including free shipping and flexible schedules.

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