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There are many reasons to visit Sunright Tea Studio, from the delicious selection of premium teas to the relaxed atmosphere. Whether you need a caffeine fix or a sweet treat to boost your mood, you’ll find something for everyone. This article will highlight some of the best places to drink tea in Southern California. The menu for this popular teahouse varies depending on the tea variety. Read on to learn more about the teas and the Boba milk tea kit.


If you’re looking for the best bubble tea in Los Angeles, look no further than Sunright Tea Studio, which just opened two locations in Little Tokyo and Sawtelle Boulevard. This new bubble tea shop merges traditional Taiwanese flavors with current SoCal trends to offer tasty, flavor-packed drinks. You can order popular drinks like Oreo Brulee Boba Milk or Taro Milk Tea, or opt for American classics like Oreo ice cream.

Mountaintop farms are sources of teas at Sunright . To ensure their quality, the master farmers carefully select the freshest leaves and roll and roast them. Using only the best ingredients, the Sunright Tea Studio makes sure to serve only the finest. Their teas are always topped with fresh fruit and are available in a variety of flavors. You can even get a dessert tea, which contains agar boba and honey.

Excellent variety of desserts

If you want a sweet treat, Sunright Tea Studio serves up an excellent variety of desserts. It has a wide variety of boba, including the popular white peach oolong milk tea. Taiwan shipped boba. There are five varieties to choose from, including Ceylon, Jasmine, Oolong, and White Peach Oolong. The Frostie collection offers drinks that are dessert-like but without the tea.

The right milk tea collection is the backbone of the Sunright menu. Starting with a tea base, they then mix in eclectic ingredients to create unique flavors. Thirteen unique teas are available, with the popular Sunright Boba Milk Tea. This drink is made with a Ceylon tea base and boba for a fun treat. Sunright also offers several classic blends like Blue Hummingbird Coffee and Original Tea.

Locations in Southern California

If you are looking for the ultimate tea experience, head to Sunright Tea Studio. These tea stores use only the best ingredients to craft their unique and delicious blends. The company sources its tea leaves from Asian mountaintop farms and uses plant-based milk from Califia Farms in California. You can choose from a variety of delicious milk, fruit, and herbal teas. Other drinks include tea lattes made with Califia Farms oat milk. You can also customize your tea by choosing the add-ons, toppings, and beverages that suit your preference.

There are five different Sunright Tea Studio locations in Southern California. Each location serves a unique blend of teas and other drinks. Tea lovers can also enjoy boba, taro, and matcha-infused Oreos. Tea leaves blended with other ingredients. Sunright Tea Studio sources its ingredients from leading California and Asian purveyors. Taiwan supplied Tapioca.

Location in near future

The company recently opened two locations in Los Angeles. One is in Sawtelle, while The Other is in Little Tokyo. The company plans to open another location in the San Diego area in the near future. The new locations are the first in the San Diego area, but the brand is already expanding into Southern California. Sunright Tea Studio blends traditional Taiwanese flavors with modern SoCal trends.

Known for its distinctive blends, Sunright has become more than a tea shop. Its menu features eclectic ingredients that add to the tea experience. You can try the Right Milk Tea with 13 unique flavors. Sunright also offers several varieties of Original Tea. The popular Sunright Boba Milk Tea includes a Ceylon base, brown sugar, and boba. Sunright also offers a variety of coffees, including Blue Hummingbird Coffee.

Varietals of tea served

The tea leaves for the unique flavors at Sunright Tea Studio are grown in mountaintop farms and hand-picked by master farmers. The tea is blended with other natural tea varietals and sourced from the finest purveyors in California and Asia. Guests will find that these ingredients are of the highest quality, and Sunright takes pride in using only the finest. The menu offers a diverse selection of teas for every taste.

The Sunright Tea Studio is a lifestyle-focused concept. They offer ways to live a better life through their tea, and celebrate the joy of living a happy life. The cafe’s brightly-colored decor and signs remind customers to “shake 17 times” to ensure the flavor melds properly. The tea shop’s cheerful ambiance encourages visitors to savor each happy moment.

The Right Milk Tea collection is the backbone of the Sunright menu. This unique blend of tea starts with a base of Ceylon tea and is then flavored with eclectic ingredients. There are thirteen different flavors to choose from. One popular drink is the Sunright Boba Milk Tea. Made with a Ceylon tea base and brown sugar, it has an appealing milky flavor that’s sure to satisfy any craving. Other popular beverages include the classic Thai Tea and Sunright Boba Milk Tea.

Boba milk tea kit

Getting your hands on the latest bubble tea flavor is easy with Sunright Tea’s do-it-yourself Boba milk-tea kit. This convenient do-it-yourself boba milk-tea kit contains Ceylon black tea, milk powder, brown sugar, and chewy boba pearls. Just add water to make the perfect cup of boba tea. With a Sunright Boba milk-tea kit, you can make your own boba tea anytime you like.

Unlike the other brands, you’ll never have to worry about making your own Boba. Just add water and a boba (pearl-shaped pearls), simmer it, and add a touch of brown sugar to get the perfect consistency. The sunright boba is consistently chewy, and the honey boba is sweet and creamy. Sunright Tea Studio has ten locations throughout Southern California and one in Northern California.

The ingredients in Sunright’s Boba milk tea kit are of the highest quality. Its tea leaves are harvested from mountaintop farms and fermented for the perfect blend. The company sources its ingredients from the finest tea purveyors in Taiwan and Asia. The Taiwan supplied tapioca. And it is a must to shake your drink 17 times before drinking. You’ll surprise by the results.

As an added bonus, you’ll get a tote and T-shirt to go with your new boba creations. You’ll also find 12 different toppings to add to your Boba tea, including Oreo, chocolate, red bean, banana, and fresh taro. If you’re looking for a great gift idea, consider a Sunright Tea Studio Boba milk tea kit.


Upon visiting Sunright Tea Studio, I was greeted by pleasant employees and had a chance to talk to fellow workers. Unfortunately, the staff is understaffed, underpaid, and overworked. They feel underappreciated, and take their job too seriously. In addition, management micromanages and underpays workers. Despite their good attitude, Sunright employees felt they were overworked and underappreciated.

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