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You can enjoy The Immersive audio experience of a Sony TV soundbar with compatible music and movie streaming services. You can easily maintain the unit to ensure its best performance. This guide will give you useful tips for buying a soundbar. It will also provide information on how to keep it in pristine condition. Read on to discover more about Sony TV soundbars. So, let’s get started. You can also check out our reviews.


Among the many features that you may want to look for in a TV soundbar is a subwoofer and a front-facing speaker. This combination is capable of delivering deep, rich audio that extends far beyond the soundbar. The Sony HT-A7000 features a subwoofer and nine-speaker drivers for high-quality audio output. Despite its compact size, this soundbar is also capable of delivering the fullest audio output, thanks to its built-in treble.

It is worth noting that a Sony TV soundbar is more likely to integrate seamlessly with a Sony television. The soundbar is often made specifically for Sony televisions, making it a better option if you already own a Sony TV. But it is possible to use another brand’s remote with a Sony TV if you wish. Then again, Samsung soundbars are also compatible with other brands. You can even use the same universal remote for both.

A soundbar can connect to your television via HDMI to reproduce audio from the television. ARC return sound channel technology makes it possible to connect to other audio sources, such as smartphones. Another feature of this device is its Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you play music wirelessly. It can also be wired to your TV with an optical audio connection. Lastly, the soundbar has a 3.5-millimeter audio input. A Sony TV soundbar may be an excellent investment for your TV.


There are many advantages to using a soundbar with your Sony TV. For one, you can get the best audio experience with a single device rather than multiple pieces of equipment. The soundbars are small in size and are easier to install than separate speakers. Furthermore, they don’t interfere with your television’s display and don’t create any interference with the sound of your TV. Here are the pros and cons of using a soundbar with your television.

Before buying a soundbar, you should consider your budget and the configuration of your television. Remember that a Sony TV is not equipped with large speaker drivers and does not have an internal volume, so you don’t want to buy something that has too small of a footprint. Also, if you have an older model of Sony TV, you should avoid a soundbar with too high of a profile. Using a soundbar with a smaller footprint will help you save money in the long run.

The Signa S2 is an entry-level soundbar but offers excellent TV sound for a reasonable price. The soundbar is small enough to fit under most TVs, and its low profile keeps the IR port open. Its main component is made of plastic with a mesh-like front, and the company’s inscription is on the back. It is available in 2.1 channels and features a wireless subwoofer. It is not visually appealing, however.


One of the key questions you may have regarding the Sony TV soundbar is the best place to place it. There are a variety of options for placement, including placing it on top of a table or hanging it on a wall. However, you should choose your location carefully to maximize the soundbar’s connectivity and avoid damaging the TV. In addition, you should place the soundbar close to the television socket, so you can enjoy the optimal audio output. However, you should avoid placing it close to power cords or any other electrical wires to ensure minimal interference with the TV’s power supply.

The soundbar and its subwoofer work in conjunction to provide surround sound without putting speakers in other parts of the room. It works by simulating rear speakers, making it a perfect companion to any television. It comes in a pair, so you should position both pieces above and below the TV. You can also place one piece above and one below, depending on your preferences. In addition to the soundbar and the subwoofer, you should also place the TV near the soundbar to enjoy better surround sound.

To get the most out of your soundbar, you should choose the one with HDMI connections. HDMI connections are commonly used with the Sony Bravia soundbar. They can be plugged into the TV’s HDMI port and are compatible with both analog and digital audio sources. For the best audio experience, you should choose a soundbar that has an HDMI-ARC port. The HDMI-ARC port should be visible on the television’s back.

Wireless subwoofer

You may have recently purchased a Wireless subwoofer for a Sony TV soundbar. In order to pair this component with your television, you should first turn on your soundbar. Then, press the power button on the subwoofer to turn it on. If you don’t see any light coming from the subwoofer, it may be defective, or the unit may not be pairing with your soundbar properly. In either case, you can reset the subwoofer and try again.

If you’d like to extend the bass response of your TV sound, you should consider buying a Wireless Subwoofer for Sony TV. Some televisions have support for this device, so look for the model number in the Reference Guide. When you receive the unit, you will need to connect it to the Television’s USB port. The Wireless Transceiver will then automatically switch the Subwoofer’s Headphone/Audio out to the subwoofer. Then, place the Wireless Subwoofer as close to the TV as possible.

You can also reset your Wireless subwoofer by holding down the ‘VOL’ and ‘POWER’ buttons at the same time. Then, follow the instructions that will pop up on your soundbar’s screen. Once you have the system set up, you can connect it to your TV soundbar and enjoy your new audio system! After setting up the wireless subwoofer, you can now watch movies or music without wires!

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Dolby Atmos

The best Dolby Atmos compatible with Sony TV is the HT-A9, which comes with four identical, grey wireless speakers and a hub and an upward-firing X-balanced driver. Unlike some other soundbars, the Sony HT-A9 encourages you to position your speakers at random, which will give you an immersive sound field, regardless of symmetry.

To set up your soundbar to receive Dolby Atmos audio, go to the HDMI e-ARC settings and select Auto or Pass-Through. Then set the output type to Common. Once you’ve selected the mode, you’re ready to enjoy the Dolby Atmos audio format. Then, plug in your soundbar to your Sony TV using the included HDMI cable. It’s that easy!

Another consideration is whether you need a physical remote to control the volume of the soundbar. Most Dolby Atmos soundbars have an HDMI port, which allows you to control the volume with your existing remote. Whether you need a physical remote or an app is up to you. In addition, you should look for a Bluetooth connection or a USB-C port. Some models also have eARC support, which means that they’re compatible with your TV.

Despite its high price tag, the Sony SP8YA is a great option for a budget-conscious Dolby Atmos compatible TV soundbar. Its broad soundstage is impressive and the SPK8 2.0 surround kit can upgrade it to 5.1.2. The soundbar also works with Sonos’ Arc audio system and includes Sonos ARC wireless surrounds. With these two features, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular amongst Sony TV users.

Bluetooth connectivity

To pair the TV with your soundbar, first turn on your Sony TV. The soundbar should show the icon of Bluetooth connectivity. Select it and press the Enter button to pair. Once connected, the soundbar and TV will automatically connect to each other. The Bluetooth signal from the TV will be visible in the soundbar’s blue LED indicator. After the pairing process is complete, you can enjoy your TV without any cables. Depending on your soundbar, you may need to repeat the process to connect it with your television.

Once you have set up the TV and soundbar, the next step is to pair the devices. To pair your TV and Sony TV, you will need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Make sure that both devices are within one meter of each other. Then, use the HOME button to pair them. Once paired, the devices will show up on the list of connected devices. Once the pairing process is complete, you can use the Sony TV soundbar with your TV.

First, make sure that your TV is set to HDMI or BRAVIA Sync. Also, turn on the ARC feature on the audio device. Once connected, turn the audio device’s audio output to the TV. If the sound bar doesn’t work, you can try connecting the AC power cord to the TV and then pairing the TV with the soundbar. If all goes well, your TV and audio device are ready to enjoy high-quality audio with your Sony TV.

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