What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?

In case you are wondering what Space Movie came out in 1992, you’ve come to the right place! 1992 is one of the best years in film history, with several memorable films being released. Whether you’re a space enthusiast or not, you’ll want to see the following movies! Gayniggers from Outer Space, Raygun, and Space Case are just a few of the many movies that were released in 1992. We will come to know about: What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?

Gayniggers from Outer Space

The 1992 blaxploitation space film Gayniggers from Outer Space follows a group of intergalactic gay black men who use Regans to find and eliminate females on Earth. This strategy is rarely implemented in real life. But in the movie, the gay men draw gratitude from the oppressed male population. The movie has received mixed reviews and ratings. IMDb gave the film a 5.9 rating and FilmAffinity gave it a 4.1 rating. Google users like the movie.

Originally, the film was meant to be a parody of other space movies in Hollywood, but it soon became a viral sensation. Its story of two extraterrestrials kissing is a satire on the entire genre. The two are aided by the holy gay nigger seed. Which is said to provide the recipient with supernatural abilities and eternal life. But is it really satire?

The story follows a group of intergalactic gay Black men who have landed on Earth. After discovering that females exist on Earth, the aliens kill every female. And leave behind two gay men to educate the human population. The men of earth warmly welcome the Gayniggers but leave their wives behind to die. In return, they leave Earth a Gay Ambassador who will watch over the planet.

Ad Astra

When a space movie comes out and says that energy blasts are threatening to destroy the universe, the first thing you’re probably going to think is, “Wow, we’ve never heard that before.” But it turns out that the truth is even worse. In a 1992 sci-fi movie, Brad Pitt plays a NASA astronaut who is trying to find his missing father while also unraveling the mystery surrounding the mysterious threat to earth.

Although “Ad Astra” is set in the future, it’s actually more reminiscent of 2001. A Space Odyssey than a space movie. While the action sequences are compelling, the film also possesses a surprisingly contemplative quality. It explores themes of fractured families and the stereotypical strong silent type. The film’s director, James Gray, is known for period pieces like The Immigrant. And is known for undercutting the mythic heroism associated with the sci-fi genre.

There are many sci-fi space movies out there. But We discuss What Space Movie Came Out in 1992? Ad Astra is perhaps the only one that can be considered a good one. “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle brings his trademark kinetic energy to “Sunshine,” about a crew. That is sent to revive the dying sun in order to save Earth from a lifeless ice ball. Throughout the movie, crew members must balance their own lives against the future of humanity. And it has a sinister twist, too.


The 1992 sci-fi comedy Raygun is An Oddball. Set in the future, aliens have freed males from females and are using rayguns to eliminate women. The movie contains themes of sexism, homophobia, and racism. Some people have praised it, while others have called it a parody of 1950s sci-fi movies. However, whether you like the movie or not depends on your taste.

This sci-fi comedy follows a group of black homosexual aliens who discover a female species on Earth. They use the Raygun to destroy all of them, leaving one to stay on Earth as a Gay Ambassador. In the film, the aliens learn that females cannot use Rayguns, but they can still kill them with the ray gun. However, the aliens are not entirely successful in wiping out all females, and only one is left on Earth as a Gay Ambassador.

However, some people find this film to be racist, which is why some critics have condemned it. While the film was not popular in 1992, it has become an issue of controversy recently. In fact, a few tweets about the movie have sparked a racial slur. Despite the fact that the film is not a classic, it is worth a watch and sees what your friends thought.

Space Case

If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, you probably remember the film Space Case, which came out in 1992. It stars Christopher Lloyd and Bridget Hoffman, and it has become a hot topic of debate due to the controversy it caused. Several discussions have occurred after watching the movie, ranging from the racism shown on Earth to issues of religion and sexuality. In addition, the movie has triggered many questions about the role of Hollywood in promoting diversity in the entertainment industry.

It is about a group of mentally ill patients in an insane asylum located on a planet far away. Aliens have invaded this planet and the intrepid group of patients has to stop them before they kill everyone on the planet. This movie is a comedy, science fiction, and fantasy movie that was released in 1992. It received a low IMDb audience rating of 3.8, and has a running time of approximately 26 minutes.

Raygun Extermination of Females

Chicago punk band Naked Raygun formed in the early Eighties and released two albums before disbanding in 2006. It would be another decade before the group reformed to play one show in 1997 and the annual Chicago punk festival Riot Fest. Naked Raygun has released several seven-inch singles since that time, and it seems as though they’ll be back soon. Here are the band’s best tracks:

The plot revolves around a group of intergalactic black men who find womankind on Earth and try to wipe them out with rayguns. As the men on earth begin to realize that the black men are helping them, they begin to feel thankful to them. They even send a gay ambassador from their home planet to teach the men about their new way of life. The film opens in black and white and later changes to color. This dramatic transition is explained by the director at the end of the film.

Raygun Extermination of Males

This sci-fi film is a parody of 1950s sci-fi movies that shows the eradication of females by means of a raygun. It is a homophobic, sexist, and racist weapon, which is used to eradicate females from Earth. In spite of its political message, it has been deemed a classic of sex horror films.

The first movie in this genre was The Thing, but it was never released in the United States. It was filmed in Denmark and released in 1992, which makes it an especially interesting film. It features gay characters and was a parody of the popular science-fiction movie of the time. However, the film’s success came after controversy. People on Reddit had discovered this movie by mistake after trying to search for “space movies 1992” instead of searching What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?

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